Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Have Their 'Beautiful' Pumpkins Stolen from NYC Home

The Sex and the City actress is calling the situation "the Halloween heist of 2019"

Sarah Jessica Parker is on the lookout for whoever stole multiple pumpkins from her West Village doorstep right before Halloween.

The Sex in the City actress, 54, who shares her home with Matthew Broderick and their three children — posted a CSI-styled video to Instagram Wednesday, detailing the events of what she is calling "the Halloween heist of 2019."

"APB out for our beautiful pumpkins, carefully chosen and lugged all the way home from the Berkshires in Massachusetts," the actress captioned the somber video.

She joked that her pumpkins had "distinguishing features – round and orange" and were made up of "various sizes" and were "not yet carved."

"At some point between the hours of 9:30 p.m. last night and break of dawn this morning, all of our pumpkins were stolen. As were all the pumpkins on our block. It is officially the Halloween heist of 2019," she said with a serious tone.

She continued, "My husband stated, 'Decency is dead,' but we will salvage the intended carving, we will find some last-minute pumpkins and we will hope this case does not remain cold."

Parker's followers could not believe that somebody would steal pumpkins from the celebrity.

"Who steals Carrie Bradshaws pumpkins 🎃?" one user commented.

"Who steals pumpkins from THE Sarah Sanderson?! 🎃😪" added another.

Will & Grace actress Debra Messing was also shocked, replying "Oh no!!!!!!!!!!"

Mindy Kaling, however, found the situation a little more humorous.

"I wish pumpkin thieves didn't sound so cute," she wrote.

On Thursday, Parker felt relieved by "humankind" as she opened her door to new pumpkins from "sweet, kind" people named "Betsy and Rachel" and another person who Parker left unnamed.

"On behalf of my daughters who felt most aggrieved but all of us, thank you," the actress captioned the recent video.

"I'm so touched, that was so lovely, unnecessary, but deeply appreciated. Decency is alive and well, I feel whole again," she gushed in the clip.

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