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Sara Foster knows just the man her friend Jennifer Garner needs.

Foster, 37, caught up with reporters at Rachel Zoe’s Spring 2019 Presentation and Dinner at the Hotel Bel Air where she explained why she loves Garner, 46, so much — and why she wants to get her on Bumble, the dating app.

“I love Jen and she to me is my total girl crush,” she said. “She’s the best. She can cook, she can really do it all, she can like, kick your butt and she’s beautiful and she’s the best mom. I always tell her you make me ashamed to be like a mom, be a human, because she’s genuinely perfect.”

She continues, “People say all these things on the red carpet like lifting everybody up and I’m actually being really honest. Jen Garner is actual perfection so I said like let’s get you on Bumble because guys are obsessed with her. She was open!”

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Jennifer Garner
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And when it comes to the type of guy Foster wants for Garner, the actress immediately had an answer.

“I would set her up with like an athletic guy,” she said. “She needs an athletic guy like, strong that can take her because she can kick most [butts].”

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Foster first brought up the subject when she commented on one of Garner’s recent Instagram pictures where she’s wearing swimming goggles by the pool. Comments by Celebs was first to spot the comment.

“What do I have to do to get you on Bumble and have this be your profile pic?” Foster wrote, prompting Garner to reply: “You can have this for the poster.”

Garner has been focusing on her three kids — Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6 — ever since her 2015 split from Ben Affleck. She’s also making her return to action in the thriller Peppermint, out Friday.

The actress opened up about letting her children use social media apps in an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

“My kids don’t have any social media yet, and I am terrified,” she said. “I think it puts so, so much pressure on kids at an age when they’re really vulnerable anyway.”

Garner and Affleck, who wed in 2005, announced their separation after 10 years of marriage and filed for divorce in April 2017.