Ronan says it wasn't until she worked with Greta Gerwig on Lady Bird that she felt the confidence to pursue what she once considered a 'pipeline' dream

By Jodi Guglielmi
February 22, 2018 12:00 PM

Before Saoirse Ronan ever stepped in front of a camera she had dreams of standing behind it.

In a preview of the Oscar nominee’s Sunday TODAY show interview, the actress opens up to Willie Geist about her desire to direct, saying even as a little girl she loved creating films.

“That was something I was drawn to even before acting,” she says. “[As a little girl] I’d bully all my friends into being in little films I made. I’d get the camcorder — I loved bringing all of this together to make one thing.”

But Ronan says it wasn’t until she worked with Greta Gerwig on Lady Bird that she felt the confidence to pursue what she once considered a ‘pipeline’ dream.

Saoise Ronan and Greta Gerwig on the set of Lady Bird
Merie Wallace/Courtesy of A24

“It wasn’t until I saw Greta talk about the film and making it and putting it together, and how all of this came from her and she’s done something brilliant that people truly love and it’s a great piece of work,” she says. “I thought ‘Oh yeah, I do want to do this now and maybe I could actually do it.'”

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The actress has received widespread acclaim for her role as an outspoken teen graduating high school in Lady Bird. She took home a Golden Globe for the role, and is next up for the Best Actress Oscar.

Ronan says the experience has allowed her to “rethink what you can actually achieve.”

Ronan’s full interview airs Feb 25. on NBC’s Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist.