Sandra Bullock on Dad & Dogs Dying Within Weeks: Life 'Happens Whether You Schedule It or Not'

The Bird Box actress opened up about her trying year in which her father died at age 93 in September and she announced the deaths of her dogs in October

After losing her father and her two dogs within a matter of weeks, Sandra Bullock is keeping in mind that life cannot be planned.

On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Bird Box actress, 54, opened up about her trying 2018, in which her father John W. Bullock died at age 93 in September and she announced the deaths of her three-legged dog Poppy and two-legged dog Ruby in October.

“Life, I realized, happens whether you schedule it or not,” she told Ellen DeGeneres, 60. “That just blew my mind this year.”

“My dad died, and then while my dad was failing, we get a call from the nanny … that our dog Ruby, the two-legger, had a stroke,” Bullock recalled. “And I’m like, ‘What, what?’ I was like, ‘Just put her on life support. Do something.’ And they go, ‘We can’t. She’s suffering.’ So I was like, ‘Okay, there’s a reason for this.’ Dad’s settled. We fly home.”

Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2010
Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage
Ron Galella Archive - File Photos 2010
Sandra Bullock and her dad John Bullock in 1996. Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage

“Days later, ‘You’re dad’s not doing well,’ ” she continued. “The nanny comes into the room. She’s got a look on her face. I’m like, ‘What did the kids [Louis and Laila] do?’ She’s like, ‘I need to speak to you in the bedroom.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ And she goes, ‘Your other dog has a heart tumor, and she’s going to die in three days.’ “

At first, Bullock said, she thought, “I’m going to be fine,” but the emotional toll of the losses caught up with her. “And then a week later I’m in the bathtub crying and the kids are like, ‘Is Mommy okay?’ Everyone is like, ‘Just leave Mommy in the bathtub. She’s going to be fine,’ ” Bullock noted.

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“So, you know what, it’s life,” she concluded. “But, you know, when you lose your little rides-or-die, it makes things different.”

Sandra Bullock takes her dog Ruby for a walk near her LA beach house
Sandra Bullock and her dog in 2010.

Bullock has previously opened up about the deaths. At the ELLE Women in Hollywood event in October, Bullock said, “It’s been a crappy few weeks.”

“My dad died and both of my dogs died, so I don’t feel like being nice!” she proclaimed.

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