Sandra Bullock's 'Bird Box' Was Watched by 45 Million Accounts in Its First 7 Days

Sandra Bullock's new film Bird Box is taking over people's watchlists

Sandra Bullock‘s new film Bird Box is taking over people’s watchlists.

The post-apocalyptic film stars Bullock, 54, as a woman named Malorie who, along with her two children, comes face to face with an entity that takes the form of people’s worst fears. To reach safety, Malorie and her kids must escape the evil that chases them — and complete the trip blindfolded.

Viewers spent their holidays on the edge of their couches, if the numbers Netflix has released are anything to go by. The streaming giant — which famously never releases viewership data — tweeted the film was watched by over 45 million accounts in the first seven days following its release.

“Took off my blindfold this morning to discover that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already watched Bird Box — best first 7 days ever for a Netflix film!” the tweet read.

Plenty of audiences agree, including Reese Witherspoon who tweeted on Friday, “Guys, is #BirdBox the scariest movie this year? I vote YES.”

The film has captured the imagination of viewers who shared their thoughts (and fears) on Twitter over the holiday.

“I hate bird box because it made me feel like I was actually in the movie and it was TERRIFYING,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “#BirdBox is honestly terrifying. Apocalyptic movies freak me out,” along with a sobbing emoji.

Others shared memes while reacting to the film’s terrifying premise.

“’Y’all I’m damn obsessed with #Birdbox,” one fan tweeted.

Another shared a moment from the movie, writing, “Scared to even see Bird Box AGAIN!! But Love It.”

The all-star cast also includes Sarah Paulson, who plays Bullock’s sister, John Malkovich of Dangerous Liaisons and In the Line of Fire, Trevante Rhodes, whose breakout role was the lead in the Oscar-winning Moonlight, and Jacki Weaver from Silver Linings Playbook.

Also driving much of the chatter around the movie are the relationships at its center, namely Bullock’s character’s with her kids and the chemistry she shared with Paulson, 44. (They previously starred in Ocean’s 8 together.)

“They are a bit like sisters. Like between takes, they were talking one time and I was like, ‘Hey girls, I’m actually trying to direct you!’ ” the director Susanne Bier told PEOPLE in an exclusive first look at the film in October. “It was hugely important that there be a sense of humor in it, that it wasn’t gonna be a just entirely dark, scary film.”

Bullock’s commitment to the role is also palpable when watching.

sandra bullock in bird box
Saeed Adyani/netflix

“Sandy had a consultant who is someone who teaches people who have recently become blind, and helped her understand how to navigate a world where you can’t see,” Bier added. “She was really blindfolded. She’s such a dedicated and fearless actress that she was really blindfolded. It helped her tremendously.”

Bullock told PEOPLE exclusively that the horror aspect of the movie was especially challenging for her because she “[hates] being scared” and that it was physically exhausting at times.

“I didn’t want it to look like somebody that had the experience,” she said of learning how to canoe — her character had never rowed a boat before. “I was really tired every day.”

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Acting with kids also affected the dynamic on set, Bullock revealed.

“People always tell you don’t work with children and animals, and that’s because no one’s going to be looking at you when you have children and animals onscreen,” the mother of two mused. “That’s going to be the case with this because these two kids are heart-breakingly beautiful and good.”

Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.

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