Courtesy Patrick Renna, Everett

Twenty years later, Patrick Renna and Chauncey Leopardi hang out at a Minnesota Twins game

June 11, 2013 10:20 AM

It’s like they never left The Sandlot!

Patrick Renna and Chauncey Leopardi recently reunited at a Minnesota Twins game, and you wouldn’t think 20 years had passed since they played Ham and Squints in the 1993 baseball comedy.

They still look the same – as baby-faced as ever!

The pair – Renna is now 34, and Leopardi 31 – have been seeing more of each other this summer as part of a 20th anniversary celebration of the coming-of-age movie.

David Mickey Evans, who directed the film and its 2005 sequel, is traveling the country hosting screenings of the original – including a stop at Target Field in Minneapolis last month.

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