Sanaa Lathan Breaks Silence on Beyoncé Biting Rumors: 'I Would Never Do Anything Malicious'

Sanaa Lathan appears on the cover of Health's June issue where she breaks her silence on #WhoBitBeyonce

Sanaa Lathan isn’t bothered by the rumors linking her to #WhoBitBeyoncé.

The actress, 46, appears on the cover of Health‘s June issue where she breaks her silence on how she felt about reports that alleged she was the actress who had bit Beyoncé at a JAY-Z concert afterparty. The wild story gained steam in March when Tiffany Haddish recalled her version of the events but refused to name the attacker.

“I think it’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever been involved with,” Lathan told the magazine. “Thank God I’ve been in this business for 20 years and have had so many rumors about me. They used to devastate me in my 20s, but in order to survive in this business, you just have to let it roll.”

The actress continued, “I adore Beyoncé. I would never do anything malicious like that—to her, or to anyone. It’s so bizarre. I thought it was the funniest thing ever that it was a news story. It’s so crazy.”


Lathan was one of the women who attended the show the night Haddish said the incident occurred. In December, Lathan shared video from the concert on Instagram, filming the rapper performing his 1997 hit “Lucifer” which features the lyric: “In the Maybach Benz, flyer than Sanaa Lathan.”

The actress denied the claims on Twitter after the story blew up, writing, “Y’all are funny. Under no circumstances did I bite Beyonce and if I did it would’ve been a love bite.”

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Haddish revealed her version of the story in an interview with GQ in which she went into further detail about how her selfie with Beyoncé came about.

“Beyoncé stormed away…went up to JAY-Z, and was like, ‘JAY! Come here! This bitch—’ and snatched him. They went to the back of the room. I was like, ‘What just happened?’ And Beyoncé’s friend walked up and was like, ‘Can you believe this bitch just bit Beyoncé?’ ” the Girls Trip actress said.

But when Haddish offered to fight the biter for the singer, Beyoncé told her to relax and took a selfie with Haddish instead, according to the comedienne. The shot, in which the singer is hiding a portion of her face behind Haddish’s hair, went viral in December — though the crazier version of events was yet to come.

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