Samuel L. Jackson vs. Donald Trump: Presidential Hopeful's Latest Feud Is Over Cheating at Golf

"To best of my knowledge haven't played golf w/him," Donald Trump tweeted of Samuel L. Jackson

Photo: Vincent Abos/Getty

It’s “Samuel L.” against “The Don” in what could be the most random feud of the 2016 election.

It all started when Samuel L. Jackson told United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine that he was “for sure” a better player than one-time golf buddy Donald Trump – because Jackson “doesn’t cheat.”

The actor also complained that one of the GOP frontrunner’s golf clubs had charged him for membership fees without his knowledge.

But Trump is now claiming he doesn’t even know Jackson – a man who he thinks stars in “too many TV commercials.” (Ahem, remember these, Mr. Trump?) He took to Twitter on Tuesday to set the record straight:

Jackson responded via Instagram later that night, posting a bill he apparently received from Trump’s New Jersey golf club, Yahoo reports. “A bill from the guy that doesn’t know me & never golfed with me! I’m gonna Block his ass too!” Jackson captioned the picture. The post has since been removed – but the feud raged on.

During an appearance Tuesday night on Late Night with Seth Meyers Jackson insisted that he’s met Trump “a lot,” and then acted out a typical phone call from the GOP frontrunner:

“Samuel L? The Don.”


“The Don.”

“Oh, Mr. Trump.”

“I actually played with him and Anthony Anderson one day, and we clearly saw him hook a ball into a lake at Trump National in Jersey,” Jackson added. Anderson attested to the golf outing on Twitter, reminding Trump that he, Jackson and Anderson “also had lunch together! Shrimp and hot dogs. Sound familiar?”

This isn’t the first time Trump has been accused of cheating at golf. Rock star Alice Cooper in 2012 hinted that Trump was “the worst celebrity golf cheat.” Again, Trump claimed he’d “never played with Alice Cooper.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say about people, especially me,” he said at the time.

Cooper may have let that one go, but Jackson is not standing down. He also told host Seth Meyers that Trump once invited The Hateful Eight star and former President Bill Clinton to go golfing together, but said Trump sat that round out.

“If we can prove Trump is lying when he says he doesn’t know you, this might be the thing that finally brings down his campaign,” Meyers joked.

According to Trump’s GOP rival Ted Cruz, the Donald has already had his day.

After Trump questioned the Canadian-born Cruz’s U.S. citizenship in an interview, the Texas senator got the last word Tuesday night when he tweeted his official response: an iconic Happy Days clip of Fonzie “jumping the shark.”

Is the Donald destined to follow in the Fonz’s footsteps? Only time will tell.

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