The actress dons a "dirndl" for German TV's Wetten dass..?

By Karen Nickel Anhalt
Updated October 06, 2008 01:45 PM
Credit: Alexandra Beier/Reuters/Landov

As anyone who’s been to Oktoberfest can tell ya, those traditional low-cut, tight Bavarian dresses are meant to emphasize a girl’s assets.

In Salma Hayek‘s case, it was almost too much of a good thing for family viewing.

The actress, 42, donned a “dirndl” on Saturday night as part of a lost bet on Wetten dass..?, the most popular program in German-speaking Europe.

During the live variety show, Hayek got about as close to a wardrobe malfunction as you can get before the censors come rushing in. “I was surprised at what all came out of the dirndl,” TV host Thomas Gottschalk told the newspaper Bild.

A spokesman for the show told PEOPLE that wardrobe crew sprung into action right away. “When the camera was off her, we had someone take a look to make sure that Salma’s dirndl was in place.”

Tricky things, those dirndls.

About 11 million viewers were apparently delighted by the actress’s $3,700 outfit, which Hayek chose herself and reportedly wants to now buy.

“Salma had five dirndls to choose from,” designer Lola Paltinger told Bild “and the particular dress she chose was altered on location. Salma is a petite woman, but she has a big bust.”

Or, as the spokesman for the show clarifies it: “Salma has a dirndl figure.”