Deadpool will get his own adventure, separate from a Wolverine sequel

Credit: Splash News Online

Ryan Reynolds will soon have the entire screen to himself to show off those biceps.

His wise-cracking Deadpool character from the box-office powerhouse X-Men Origins: Wolverine is being developed by 20th Century Fox and Marvel Comic for a spin-off star vehicle, trade papers report.

Deadpool, actually mercenary Wade Wilson, will overcome the setback suffered in Wolverine and regain the ability to shoot off his mouth, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Currently costarring in Adventureland, Reynolds, 32, will next be seen opposite Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy The Proposal, opening June 19.

Not that Hugh Jackman is being left out in the cold. The studio is developing a Wolverine sequel with a samurai storyline introduced in the bar scene at the end of the current blockbuster, reports Variety.