Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Lesson from His Late Father He Hopes to Pass on to Daughter James

Ryan Reynolds says he hopes to pass along the virtue of discipline to his daughter James on SiriusXM's Entertainment Weekly Radio Deadpool special

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Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is opening up about country life with wife Blake Lively and raising their little girl, James. Subscribe now for everything about the Sexiest Dad Alive in this exclusive interview, only in PEOPLE!

Ryan Reynolds is revealing the most important lesson he learned from his late father – and it’s a message he hopes to pass along to his 15-month-old daughter as she grows up.

“Discipline, [and] I don’t mean discipline in the sense of corporal punishment,” the actor told PEOPLE and EW Editorial Director Jess Cagle on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Deadpool special.

“I never had a great relationship with my father – he died maybe two months ago. And James is actually named after him, my dad’s name is James,” Reynolds explained. “But one of the great gifts he gave me was discipline.

“He taught me to work so hard that whatever you’re aiming for, whatever goal you had, it’ll come true, it’ll materialize if you just keep pushing,” he added.

Deadpool is a great example of that, because for 11 years I kept going and going and going and the spirit of my father is kind of infused in that in a weird way,” Reynolds said of his latest film, which he spent years pushing into production.

“So I would love to instill some of that in her, that idea that you work hard no matter what, no matter what you’re given in life – if you’re given a lot or given a little – you just gotta work your way out of everything.”

The youngest of four brothers, Reynolds was no stranger to a little horsing around. As for something he grew up with that he’d like avoid passing along to James, the actor joked, “What I would like to not give her probably from my house is probably just a penchant for intermittent head-butting out of nowhere.”

SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio Deadpool special will air this Friday at 2 p.m. ET on SiriusXM’s Entertainment Weekly Radio. Deadpool hits theaters Friday, Feb. 12.

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