The Proposal stars uncover secrets of their friendship – and being nude together
Credit: Juan Rico/Fame

What are some things about Sandra Bullock you wouldn’t know just by looking at her? “She’s a catalog of old hip-hop tunes – it’s incredible,” reveals her Proposal costar Ryan Reynolds. “And she looks terrific naked.”

The longtime pals – they even vacation together with spouses Jesse James, 40, and Scarlett Johansson, 24 – let it all hang out in the romantic comedy, out June 19, in which they play a boss from hell and her long-suffering assistant whose relationship changes when she schemes to avoid deportation to her native Canada. Bullock, 44, and Reynolds, 32, sat down with PEOPLE to laugh about the movie, each other and about baring it all.

You’ve known each other for a while. How has fame changed Ryan?
Bullock: The person I met years ago [through a friend] is the same person sitting next to me now. No change in the humility, talent, kindness. He could’ve become an ass—-. But not a damn thing has changed, other than that his bikes get more expensive.
Reynolds: I think you have to start that way. Fame only amplifies a certain disposition.
Bullock: I agree. Unless you’re a child in the industry and that’s all you know. That’s a sad, sad thing.
Reynolds: There’s nothing worse than hearing a 6-year-old demand Voss water. I’ve seen it.

You and Jesse and Scarlett are all close. Why do you get along so well?
Reynolds: [To Bullock] I love that your marriage – and forgive the ineloquence here – is not for sale.
Bullock: We’re very similar in that way. There’s an honor and a level of integrity that exists in their home that I really admire … [To Reynolds] I’m just happy you found a good human being. They both take excellent care of each other and they’re honorable, beautiful people.

Speaking of beauty, you two are quite naked in that one scene. How was it to film?
Bullock: I’d never done one before. [To Reynolds] You?
Reynolds: I’ve done a couple where I’ve … yeah, a little bit.
Bullock: Were they like sex scenes?
Reynolds: I don’t think I’ve ever done one that wasn’t supposed to be funny.

It’s not just a nude scene. You’re literally smushed up against each other.
Reynolds: Yeah – nudity and stunts. Not usually synonymous.

Comfort level aside, you’d cover up between takes, right?
Reynolds: I wasn’t grazing at the snack bar without pants.
Bullock: Next to [costar] Betty White.
Reynolds: Yeah, I didn’t go have lunch with Betty.

Pop quiz: what’s his or her drink of choice?
Bullock: Whiskey – an old-school man drink.
Reynolds: Sandy will drink a glass of red wine. And not like the crazy expensive kind.

How does he or she take coffee?
Bullock: He takes his with cream or milk.
Reynolds: She’s a green tea girl.

So working together was a good experience?
Reynolds: This kind of chemistry and fireworks … there’s nothing you can do to manufacture it, or edit it together. It’s just there or it’s not. And to have that every day was literally like driving a Ferrari around on set.

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