Ryan Reynolds Is Naughty and Nice Posing for Photos with His 'Deadpool' Character: See the Goofy GIF!

The Deadpool actor snaps a few friendly photos with a cardboard cutout of his Marvel character

Photo: Brian Gordon

He’s a little bit naughty and nice.

Ryan Reynolds is showing off his holiday spirit with his Deadpool character and a cheeky twist on the sitting-on-Santa’s-lap tradition. In a series of sweet and slightly saucy photos exclusive to PEOPLE, Reynolds is shown giving a little love to a cardboard cutout version of his titular costumed character. Reynolds tells PEOPLE he’s just following along with holiday tradition.

“I’m just like everyone else at this time of year: I go to malls, find a crazy man screaming in a red costume, sit on his lap, and tell him to give me free stuff,” he says.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Reynolds having fun with his mouthy superhero. The actor recently shared a video of himself dressed in character and out trick-or-treating with a group of youngsters dressed as various character’s from Marvel’s X-Men (the character universe of which Deadpool plays a part).

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The new photos are linked to the 12 Days of Deadpool promotion to build excitement for the Christmas Day debut of a brand-new trailer for Reynolds’ highly anticipated Marvel film, as new snippets from Deadpool will be released daily.

Deadpool hits theaters on Feb. 12.

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