Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal Celebrate Best Friends Day by Trolling Each Other

The three actors marked Best Friends Day by roasting and trolling one another on Instagram

Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman all seem to have very different opinions of where they all stand as friends, as the three posted hilarious pictures of themselves for Best Friends Day.

Reynolds was the first to post on Instagram, choosing pictures of him and Jackman. “Happy #BestFriendsDay to Jake Gyllenhaal! (Not pictured),” the Deadpool star wrote.

Then, Jackman, 50, responded with his own post with a picture of him and Reynolds — and a shout-out to Gyllenhaal via hashtag. “Stage 4 clinger. #bestfriendsday #HiJake,” the X-Men star said.

Gyllenhaal, 38, also posted a picture celebrating his friendship to Jackman while purposefully snubbing Reynolds. “Happy #bestfriendsday to Ryan Reynolds (not pictured),” the Spider-Man: Far From Home star captioned the post.

“True story… Hugh is just under 5 feet tall,” Reynolds, 42, joked in the comments section of Gyllenhaal’s Instagram picture.

“Looking forward to our dinner on the 12th. Without… not pictured,” Jackman added with his own comment.

Reynolds and Jackman have had an ongoing friendly feud since 2015, when Jackman posted a video on his Instagram of Reynolds impersonating him — Australian accent, and all — in his Deadpool makeup.

Jackman and Reynolds, who co-starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, have continued their public trolling and found ways to poke fun at the other on social media.

But the two have since agreed to a “truce.” They revealed their plans to make ads for each other’s companies — Reynolds is the owner of Aviation Gin, while Jackman is the creator of Laughing Man Coffee.

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Then Gyllenhaal joined the friendly feud in December 2018 when he and Jackman pranked Reynolds to an ugly Christmas sweater party that, well, wasn’t really an ugly Christmas sweater party.

These f–ing a——- said it was a sweater party,” Reynolds wrote on Instagram, along with a photo that showed only the husband of Blake Lively in festive outerwear while Jackman and Gyllenhaal wore casual ensembles.

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