November 03, 2016 07:57 AM

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have some competition when it comes to most sizzling kissing in the rain scene.

Canada’s other famous Ryan, Ryan Reynolds, stopped by Conan O’Brien‘s late night show on Wednesday and played a game with the audience to find out what he was there to promote. After a few ridiculous suggestions, including a line of ham underwear and Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil, he revealed a new project: The Notebook 2 costarring Conan McAdams.

“Remember that vacation we took in Tijuana a few years ago?” the 40-year-old actor asked O’Brien. “We split that bottle of absinthe? Well, we fell in love, and I filmed it.”

They then cut to a clip showing the duo re-enacting the iconic scene from the 2004 film where the lovebirds realize they still have feelings for each other, complete with O’Brien in a blue dress, pouring rain and a passionate kiss.

Although Reynolds did caption an Instagram photo promoting the late night appearance with “Find out why the hell he’s wearing this dress and why I can never go home again,” wife Blake Lively seemed more than happy to forgive – with the help of a sweet treat.

“The ways I know that @vancityreynolds got himself into huge trouble on @teamcoco tonight: Not only did he come home with my true love, @levain_bakery cookies, but he personally toasted them for me and brought me a cup of milk WITH ICE. Literal brownie points,” the 29-year-old actress wrote on Instagram, adding a sweet quote from The Notebook. “#IfYoureABirdImABird.”

Lively and Reynolds recently welcomed their second child in September. Their four-week-old baby, which the actor confirmed was a girl during his appearance on Conan after slipping up in a tweet,  joins big sister James, 23 months.

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