Russell Crowe is taking a different approach while promoting his new movie
Russell Crowe
Credit: Edgar Wright/Twitter

Russell Crowe is leaning into intimidation tactics to get people to watch his new movie Unhinged.

In a new promo video, the actor starts by going into what makes the movie theater experience so great. (Unhinged is the first major movie to open in U.S. cinemas in months due to the coronavirus pandemic.)

"They say there is a catalyst at the heart of the cinema experience," Crowe says. "A social contract. A binding dynamic power that lifts the cinematic experience into a realm of intimate connection between the audience and the screen and the stars and the heavens beyond."

But the music turns ominous as Crowe begins to question everything he just said in an expletive-filled tirade.

"They say. But who are they?" Crowe questions. "Some conceited, retention f—wads who try to p—- in your pockets and tell you it’s raining? Well f— that s—. I got a movie coming out. It’s called Unhinged. I’m not f—— with you — it’s called Unhinged. And it’s gonna be in cinemas. Off you go."

The video then ends with Crowe giving a giggle, showing that he was joking the whole time. He explained the reasoning behind the foul-mouthed promo in a tweet.

"You know those days when you’ve done a bunch of promo, station identifications, shout outs and answered the same questions over and over and you think to yourself ... let’s just have a bit of fun now," Crowe wrote in a tweet along with the NSFW ad.


In another promo, Crowe pokes fun at one of his iconic lines from the 2000 Gladiator, choosing instead not to say his name.

"My name.." Crowe says in the video, alluding to the “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius...” speech in the movie.

"Is incidental, pointless, of no concern" he continues this time. "I am a figment of your nightmares. I am from a reference point deep inside your hidden list of fears. I am rage, past the point of reason. I am unhinged.”

In Unhinged, Crowe stars as a mysterious stranger who develops a vendetta against Rachel, a mom who honks at Crowe's car while trying to get through morning traffic.

The decision later turns deadly when the stranger is seemingly offended and begins erratically interfering in her life.

Unhinged opens in theaters Aug. 21.