Russell Crowe posted on Twitter Tuesday showing off his transformation after getting rid of his long hair and bushy beard

Russell Crowe has a new look — and he’s showing it off in a unique way.

On Tuesday, the 54-year-old Oscar winner showed off his transformation on Twitter. Goodbye, long hair and bushy beard! Hello, short hair and scruff!

Crowe didn’t just post a picture to show off his new cut. Instead, he uploaded a short video where he used jazz hands to magically clean up and look brand new.

“The Actor resets #1. The correct use of Jazz hands,” he captioned video, which sees him come into frame and wave his hands over his face until the shot changes and he is sporting a fresh clean look.

Crowe first turned heads with his long hair and bushy beard earlier this year at special screenings of Gladiator.

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His “reset” also comes months after finalizing his divorce with ex Danielle Spencer after 5 years. The actor celebrated by purging his sizable collection of movie memorabilia, clothing, artwork, watches, furniture and guitars in the cheeky sale. The most expensive piece in the collection was a 1890 Leandro Bisiach violin Crowe used in his 2003 movie Master and Commander, estimated to be worth between $110,000 and $140,000.

The auction took place at Sotheby’s Australia on April 7. That date is of particular significance to Crowe, according to the website, as it’s “both the actor’s birthday and wedding anniversary.

“Consisting of 226 items, the sale realized over $3.7 million with 144.5% sold by value,” Sotheby’s Australia shared on its website after the auction.