It's been 20 years since Russell Crowe screamed one of the most iconic lines in movie history in Gladiator
Russell Crowe Gladiator - 2000
Russell Crowe in Gladiator
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Russell Crowe is throwing it back to one of his most famous movies.

The actor celebrated the 20th anniversary of Gladiator on Monday, the Ridley Scott-directed epic that earned Crowe a Best Actor Oscar in 2001 for the role of Maximus.

The movie follows Maximus' revenge against Joaquin Phoenix’s character after his family is killed and he is forced to be a slave who fights in the Colosseum. The setting is also the backdrop for Crowe’s most quoted line from the movie, when he screams “Are you not entertained?” at the crowd of spectators who have gathered to watch people be killed in the fights.

Crowe, 56, marked the anniversary of the release on Twitter, quoting another famous catchphrase from the movie.

"20 years ago today Gladiator was released in cinemas in the United States ... Strength and Honour ..." he wrote, recalling the line his character repeats throughout the film.

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In 2018, Crowe reunited with costar Connie Nielsen in Rome, Italy for the 18th anniversary of the epic at one of the most iconic places in the world — the Roman Colosseum. The stars made an appearance at the historic venue to attend a special screening of the movie.

Earlier that year, Crowe held an auction full of movie memorabilia from his career, including several props from Gladiator.

Among the high-ticket items was the death armor worn by Crowe in Gladiator, which was sold for $125,000. Other pieces from the movie also earned big bucks, including an aluminum prop sword and spare blade combo ($70,000), a Roman chariot replica ($65,000), a pair of black leather wrist cuffs ($32,000), a wooden training sword ($20,0000), and two life-size prop horses ($5,500 each).

Called “The Art of Divorce,” the auction marked the end of a chapter after Crowe split from Danielle Spencer, his wife of nine years. News of the couple’s separation emerged in 2012, and their divorce is nearly finalized.

Crowe later said he made $3.7 million in five hours — including a leather jock strap that fetched $7,000.