Rose McGowan spoke at the Women's Convention in Detroit on Friday
Sexual Harassment Hollywood, Detroit, USA - 27 Oct 2017
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Rose McGowan is standing strong in her first public appearance since accusing Harvey Weinstein of raping her.

Speaking at the Women’s Convention in Detroit on Friday, McGowan talked about her life after the alleged assault by the former movie mogul.

“I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut-shamed. I have been harassed. I have been maligned and you know what? I’m just like you,” McGowan said. “What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in society and it cannot stand and it will not stand.”

She said news coverage of Weinstein scandal has been difficult for her to watch. “The triggering has been insane,” she told the audience. “The monster’s face has been everywhere, my nightmare.”

McGowan also called on Hollywood to address the lack of diversity in its highest ranks.

“Hollywood may seem like it’s an isolated thing, but it is not,” she said. “It is the messaging system for your mind. It is the mirror that you’re given to look into. This is what you are as a woman. This is what you are as a man. This is what you are as a boy. Girl. Gay. Straight. Transgender. But it’s all told through the 96 percent male Directors Guild of America. We are given one view, and I know the men behind that view. And they should not be in your mind…It’s time to clean house.”

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The New York Times reported that McGowan was part of a settlement with Weinstein in 1997 following an encounter in a hotel room with the producer during the Sundance Film Festival.

The $100,000 payout was “not to be construed as an admission” by Weinstein, but intended to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” according to a legal document reportedly reviewed by the NYT.

On Twitter earlier this month, McGowan, 44, accused the movie mogul of rape and fired off a series of angry tweets at people she thinks covered for Weinstein.

Addressing all of her tweets to Jeff Bezos — the founder and CEO of Amazon —McGowan wrote, “I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was proof.” (Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, resigned on Oct. 17 following allegations of sexual harassment against him.)

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Harvey Weinstein in April 2017.

Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by over 50 women since The New York Times and The New Yorker documented decades of alleged abuse in detailed articles earlier this month.

A spokesperson for Weinstein previously told PEOPLE in a statement that “any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. Mr. Weinstein has further confirmed that there were never any acts of retaliation against any women for refusing his advances.”