Rosanna Arquette Talks Finding Love in Her 50s and Why Dating Apps Scare her

"There's no way," she says. "Even if I wasn't married, I have absolutely no desire to do that. It scares me."

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Rosanna Arquette. Photo: Tara Ziemba/Getty

Rosanna Arquette is not a fan of the modern dating scene.

The actress, 58, who is married to businessman Todd Morgan, tells PEOPLE that even if she were single, she’d steer clear of online romance.

“There’s no way,” she says. “I’m happily married, but even if I wasn’t, I have absolutely no desire to do that. It scares me. You hear some horror stories. So no, no thanks.”

In her new film Born Guilty, Arquette’s character finds love in a very unconventional way. She stars as an overbearing single mom whose son secretly sets her up with his college buddy in an attempt to deflect some of her attention. While the relationship starts out as a ruse, the plan eventually backfires on her son when she and the friend actually fall for one another.

“It was a fun character to play, an older woman who’s lonely and obsessed,” she says. “I’ve never played anybody like that so it was fun. And then she finds love – or what she thought was love – later in life and that allows her to be a better mother and not be so codependent.”

In real life, Arquette is enjoying life with her investment banker husband, whom she married in 2013. “I had been single for like 2 and a half years and not dating at all,” she says. “He’s 12 years older than I am and he’s just a good, solid, wonderful human being. Not a musician, not an artist, he’s a businessman and we have the same values.”

When they’re not working, she says, “We spend most of the time hanging out with our dog, cooking and going out, going to open air markets … Some people think it sounds boring but it’s a great way for us to just reach our arch and chill out because things are more stressful than ever in this world. We work hard on our relationship to keep it centered and communicative.”

Arquette also opened up about her daughter, Zoë Bleu whom she shares with ex-husband John Sidel. The 23-year-old has appeared in a handful of films, including Lifetime’s Mother May I Sleep with Danger alongside James Franco, but Arquette isn’t sure Bleu will end up in the family business.

“Right now she’s doing a fashion line and she’s been living in London,” she says of her daughter. “Her clothes are really amazing and beautiful … I don’t know if she’ll be acting again, I’m not sure. I hope so. She’s really talented and very gifted.”

Unlike her character in Born Guilty, Arquette doesn’t smother Bleu with career advice. “She is not in to taking any advice from her mom,” Arquette. “The truth is she’s quite the little wise owl and I could use taking advice from her sometimes. She’s quite a character and I love her very much. She’s a good kid.”

Born Guilty hits theaters May 11.

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