Rosamund Pike Says She Buries Her Awards in Her Garden: 'I Think It's Awkward' to Display Them

The actress won the Golden Globe for best actress in a motion picture musical or comedy for her role in I Care A Lot

Rosamund Pike's new Golden Globe Award has a designated place—in her garden.

The I Care A Lot star, 42, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she revealed she doesn't feel comfortable showing off any of her awards at home.

"I just find it an uneasy thing to display any award in your home because how do people interact with them when they come home?" Pike said. "Do they say, 'Oh, wow, look those are your awards?'"

She continued, "I think it's awkward so I bury it in the garden with a little bit showing up so you can have an enticing glimpse of a hand or the globe maybe."

"I think it's amusing because in the future, when I'm dead and gone or when somebody else buys the house, they'll be landscaping and they'll hit metal and they'll think they found buried treasure and they'll have in fact found a host of awards," Pike said, adding that by that time people will "probably centuries ahead and they won't even have [award shows] anymore so they'll be relics."

Rosamund Pike attends the "Radioactive" UK Premiere at The Curzon Mayfair on March 08, 2020 in London, England.
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Pike jokingly said her habit was probably "deeply psychological."

"f you've got any psychiatrists or therapists in your audience they'll probably say it's some deep-lying imposter syndrome," she said.

Last month, Pike won the Golden Globe for best actress in a motion picture musical or comedy for her role in I Care A Lot. Also nominated in the category were Maria Bakalova (Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm), Kate Hudson (Music), Michelle Pfeiffer (French Exit) and Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma).

In Netflix's I Care a Lot, Pike stars as Marla Grayson, a ruthless con artist who swindles money from the elderly after she deceives judges to appoint her as their "legal guardian." However, she soon finds herself in hot water when one of her victims has ties to a powerful gangster, the film's official synopsis reads.

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While accepting her award, Pike thanked her fellow nominees in the category, before she poked fun at Bakalova, 24, and compared the stunts they each had to take part in for their respective films.

"Ladies, I salute you. Wow! I bet it looks like I care a lot. I do, I care a lot," Pike began her speech. "HFPA, thank you! Thank you for recognizing, I suppose, the dark side of comedy."

"My fellow nominees, I am so honored to be in this room with you. I mean, in my movie, I had to swim up from a sinking car [but] I think I still would rather do that than have been in a room with Rudy Giuliani," the actress added, referring to a scene from the Borat sequel, which stars Bakalova. "Maria, I salute your brilliance and your bravery."

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