October 02, 2017 12:28 PM


Everyone loves curling up with a good love story, but every now and then it’s just as much fun to have a laugh at romance movies’ grandiose depictions of relationships.

Below, twelve times comedians played around with our favorite romance films — and made us love them even more.

La La Land: Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling

Stone joined the Saturday Night Live host for a very important reason: to make fun of their Oscar-winning movie, La La Land. A self-deprecating Gosling parodied his character from the whimsical musical during his monologue, telling the audience all about how he “saved jazz.” The actress popped on stage to take her costar’s ego down a peg … sort of.

Ghost: Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

In honor of season 2 of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, the duo re-enacted that legendary Demi Moore/ Patrick Swayze pottery scene — a fitting tribute considering the intimate, unbreakable bond we have with chocolate cake.

La La Land: Ellen DeGeneres

DeGeneres revealed that she was actually the filmmakers’ first choice to play Emma Stone‘s role in yet another parody of the 2016 favorite. She even had undeniable evidence of her chemistry with the leading man — and clips of her performance to prove it.

Love Actually: Kate McKinnon & Cecily Strong

After Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, Saturday Night Live brought us Hillary Actually, in which the politician (McKinnon) attempted to persuade an Electoral College voter (Strong) to vote for her à la the poster board scene from the holiday classic.

The Notebook: Ryan Reynolds & Conan O’Brien

The actor and the late-night host took on everyone’s favorite tearjerker about everlasting love. They re-enacted Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam’s iconic rainy kiss, and it was basically even more touching that the original.

Ghost: Irina Shayk

Okay, so this model-starring spoof is going more for the tantalizing thing than for humor, but nonetheless, it’s a memorable take on that famous pottery wheel scene. The Love magazine vid was released as part of the publication’s annual holiday season advent calendar.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Selena Gomez & Nick Kroll

Funny Or Die brought the stars together for a spoof of the BDSM phenomenon entitled Fifty Shades of Blue. Instead of a troubled billionaire, Gomez’s heroine fell for a rough-around-the-edges house painter.

Fault in Our Stars: Sarah Silverman & Taran Killam

In this Saturday Night Live spin on the teenage sob-fest, the star-crossed lovers contended with an Ebola diagnosis instead of cancer. It sounds dark, but trust us, hilarity ensued.

Dirty Dancing: Al Roker & Ryan Gosling

While appearing on Today to promote Crazy, Stupid, Love, the heartthrob impressed the audience by hoisting the host overhead in the legendary Dirty Dancing lift (which also had a place in Gosling’s 2011 rom-com).

Twilight: Taylor Swift & SNL

A wide-eyed high schooler (Swift) falls for a Frankenstein-esque monster (Bill Hader) instead of a vampire in this SNL digital short based on the teen sensation. It’s a can’t-miss based on the mummy cameo alone.

Titanic: Ellen DeGeneres

As the James Cameron epic came back to theaters in 2012 for a 3D release, the talk show host revealed that she had actually been cut from the movie. We finally got to see the original footage of the famous nude portrait scene, featuring DeGeneres as a second, extremely talkative artist in the cabin.

Casablanca: J.K. Simmons & Kate McKinnon

On Saturday Night Live, the actors re-imagined the famous ending of the 1942 classic. McKinnon’s Ilsa was just a little bit less reluctant to leave her old flame than Ingrid Bergman’s version, however.

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