The two stars of The Princess Bride reunited to make a special announcement on Monday

By Alexia Fernández
April 20, 2020 06:58 PM

Robin Wright and Cary Elwes reunited to deliver a special message to their fans.

The two stars announced on Monday their iconic 1987 film The Princess Bride would be available for streaming on Disney+ starting May 1.

Smiling at each other in a video call shared by Disney+, Elwes asked Wright, “Are you bored yet?”

“No!” she said. “Are you?”

“Not even but if I was stuck in front of my TV I could think of some real fun things to watch like that Princess Bride movie we made together,” he told her.

Smiling, she asked, “Hmm is that on again?”

“On Disney+ starting May 1,” Elwes said. When Wright asked him, “Does that mean we’ll get to take a selfie with Mickey?” Elwes responded with a classic line from the film, “They better say ‘As you wish’ to that or I want no part in it!”

Robin Wright and Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride
| Credit: 20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

Laughing and smiling, Wright said, “Oh, my Westley!”

In September, Elwes expressed his disdain for a potential remake of the famous film after the CEO of Sony, Tony Vinciquerra, said he’s been approached by “very famous people” looking into it.

“There’s a shortage of perfect movies in this world,” Elwes tweeted. “It would be a pity to damage this one.”

Elwes was referencing a scene in the film in which his beloved Buttercup (Wright), believing Westley to be dead, is on the verge of plunging a dagger into her chest.

His character, alive and well, interrupts her with the line, “There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.”

The film stars Elwes as farmhand Westley, who is believed to be dead after he’s captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts while pursuing a fortune to support him and his love, Buttercup. With that in mind, Buttercup begrudgingly agrees to marry a local prince, setting off a zany sequence of events that includes a kidnapping, a Fire Swamp-dwelling rodent of unusual size, and Billy Crystal as a folk healer.

The Princess Bride begins streaming on Disney+ on May 1.