Robert Downey Jr. Surprises Food Truck Crew – in Costume (Sort Of)

The Iron Man actor made this food truck crew's day in the best way ever

Photo: Blaxican Food Truck/Twitter

All in a day’s work for Iron Man!

Robert Downey Jr. paid a surprise visit to a food truck operator and his crew in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday.

“All of a sudden, someone knocks on the back door, asks if we mind if they come aboard,” The Blaxican food truck owner Will Turner tells PEOPLE. “I looked. I looked twice. I looked three times, and to my surprise it was Robert Downey Jr.”

Turner, who opened his food truck and take-out restaurant business, The Blaxican, four years ago, adds, “He took a great, sincere interest in my business. He wanted to know how I got started, how I came up with the concept of Mexican soul food. He loved everything that we were doing, loved the spirit of what we were doing. Just a great person.”

After taking pics with the actor, Turner decided to use the power of social media to promote the encounter.

“First celebrity on my truck and he is freaking Iron Man! @Robertdowneyjr made my day,” Turner Tweeted.

The best part of Downey Jr.’s visit?

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The Iron Man actor, 50, appeared to have been in partial costume, with his face made up with scrapes and a black eye.

Because Downey Jr. has been filming Captain America: Civil War in Georgia, it’s only fair to assume that he had just come from a hard day’s work.

However, the actor was kind enough to clarify the origins of the scratches, jokingly Tweeting, “Thanx for the grub. Those scrapes were actually from me fighting to get to the front of the line!”

“I had no idea that this one little catering job was gonna [lead to] meeting this guy that has given us a whole lot of wonderful publicity,” Turner says.

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