A Superhero Never Rests: Robert Downey Jr. Posts Funny 'Iron Man' -Themed Labor Day Message

Robert Downey Jr. threw it back to 2010's Iron Man 2 to wish his fans a happy Labor Day on social media

Photo: Marvel; Getty

It may be a holiday in America, but that doesn’t mean Tony Stark is taking a day off.

Robert Downey Jr. took to social media on Sunday to assure fans that his Marvel character, Iron Man, wasn’t sleeping on the job this Labor Day.

“Hope you’re all having a restful weekend,” Downey wrote on Twitter. “I’ll stay online in the workshop (as machining is my passion). #LaborDay.”

Alongside the message, the actor shared a still from 2010’s Iron Man 2 of Stark toiling away on his impressive (and fictional) technological hardware.

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The 50-year-old has paid tribute to his most iconic role on social media before.

Just last month, he and Iron Man franchise co-star Gwyneth Paltrow exchanged Internet references to their characters.

First, Downey shared a fan-made image of Stark and his counterpart. A few days later, Paltrow took a selfie with the actor, using the pair’s onscreen couple name “#pepperony” to caption the picture.

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