January 21, 2016 04:15 PM

Zac Efron‘s girlfriend just got the happy-birthday message of a lifetime from Robert De Niro.

In the most recent (and NSFW) Funny or Die video from the Dirty Grandpa costars, Efron politely asks the Oscar winner to record a nice birthday wish to his girlfriend, Sami Miré, after they finish making a promo for the film.

De Niro reluctantly agrees, but Efron isn’t happy with his enthusiasm: “If you don’t mind could we just try one more?” he asks. “Just a little more upbeat.”


Seemingly annoyed, the Meet the Parents star agrees to give it another shot, but looks even less interested than the first go-around. Determined to get it right, Efron asks again … and again … and again, pulling out balloons, party hats and noise makers to drum up some excitement.

Things finally come to a head when the High School Musical star asks De Niro to light the candles on Sami’s birthday cake. “No, I’m sorry, excuse me, but I did the birthday message, I sang the birthday song, I had a lot of energy, it was perfect, so with all due respect, the two of yous can go f—- yourselves.”

De Niro then turns to the camera and delivers his most expletive-laden rant since Taxi Driver (and Casino, and Goodfellas).

Dirty Grandpa hits theaters Jan. 22.

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