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May 05, 2017 04:52 PM

Revenge of the Nerds star Robert Carradine‘s estranged wife has claimed that the actor attempted to kill them both during a March 2015 car crash.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Edith Carradine says Robert “confessed to me and our two children that he deliberately drove into the truck to kill us both” after she confronted him about the crash.

Edith claims the actor veered across the highway and into an oncoming semi-truck while driving down a Colorado highway.

Carradine claims he was in a state of “acute psychosis” at the time of the accident, because Edith had allegedly cut off his bipolar medication. Carradine also claims that Edith implored him to drive that day.

However, in the court documents, she states, “Bobby is an experienced professional race car driver,” adding that, “He was awake and alert” at the time of the accident.

Robert and Edith, who married in 1990, both suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the truck driver was not injured in the accident.

She alleges that the crash was a result of Robert’s depression that he suffered after the death of his brother David in 2009. In the court documents, Edith states that Robert was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was hospitalized twice after multiple “episodes.”

Edith has also requested possession of Robert’s 17 guns amid fears that he is “capable of hurting himself or others.”

In the documents, she also claims that Robert is unemployed and owes more than $14,000 in attorney’s fees.

A trial date has been set for May 9.

Robert’s lawyer did not respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. TMZ was first to report on the ex-couple’s allegations.

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