'The Duff' Hunk Robbie Amell Wants His Fiancée's Wedding Day to Be 'The Best Day of Her Life'

After six years of dating, the couple says they're in no rush to get to the altar

Photo: Rachel Murray/Getty

He may star as a slick, high school ladies man in the new film The Duff, but in real life, Robbie Amell is anything but.

In fact, Amell, 26, got engaged to Canadian actress Italia Ricci, 28, last August after six years of dating, but it may still be a bit longer before they actually tie the knot.

“It’s Oct. 15, 2016 tentatively. She wants a long engagement,” Amell told PEOPLE at a special fan screening of the film in Hollywood which he attended with Ricci (who stars on ABC Family’s Chasing Life). “We haven’t found our venue yet, so it’s based on availability.”

When asked if he had any preferences on location, the hopeless romantic responded, “It’s entirely up to her. I want it to be the best day of her life.”

Exhale, ladies.

In the meantime, Amell, who also can be seen as Firestorm on CW’s The Flash, says he’s enjoying engaged life.

“It’s very cool. It’s a lot of yeses,” laughed Amell, who also happens to be the real life cousin of the equally beautiful Arrow star Stephen Amell.

“I figure I have one or two no’s, so I’m saving them for things that really matter,” added Amell. “But even those, I’m sure if she fights me on it, I’ll give in and say ‘you’re probably right.’ ”

Again, exhale ladies.

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