5 Things to Know About 'The DUFF' 's Robbie Amell

PEOPLE chats with the movie's heartthrob – and former underwear model

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Starring opposite Mae Whitman in The DUFF, Robbie Amell plays Wesley, a jock with a heart of gold who helps DUFF (“Designated Ugly Fat Friend”) pal Bianca (Whitman) gain some confidence.

Amell, 26, and Whitman’s comic chemistry clicks, and he is by far the flick’s male breakout star. Here are five things to know about the up-and-comer.

1. He used to be a figure skater

Originally from Toronto, Amell was trained in figure skating. But he’s quick to insist he wasn’t one to don any sequined bodysuits!

“I figure skated from ages 5 to 7,” he tells PEOPLE. “When I was a kid, there wasn’t power skating, really. It hadn’t become a big thing. Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, all these guys used to figure skate before they played hockey, so my mom put me in figure skating.”

Now based in Los Angeles, “I still play in a little men’s league in Burbank,” he adds.

2. He was an underwear model

Amell has plenty of shirtless scenes in the movie, to absolutely no one’s dismay. And it turns out he got some practice in that when he was younger.

“When I was a kid, I did a bunch of print work and commercials,” says the actor, who modeled throughout elementary school. “It didn’t seem weird to me. I just walked up to my teacher and told her I had to go to my job and walk out of my class.”

And it sounds like there’s some evidence out there! “My mom has so many cut-outs from Sears and Hanes,” he admits.

3. He’s engaged – but don’t call him Groomzilla!

Sorry, ladies, he’s off the market. Amell is set to tie the knot with fellow Canadian actress Italia Ricci, 28.

“I’m always there to listen and give my two cents, but it’s entirely up to her,” he says of wedding planning. “I’m always going to be there for it, and for all the meetings and for all the decisions to be made, but those are her decisions. I want it to be everything she wants.”

Well, almost everything. Amell does have one request. “I just really want an ice cream cake! Everyone will love it,” he says.

4. He’s owned 20 cars

“I just love cars, I always have. I go to the auto show every year,” says Amell. “My favorite one I had in Toronto was a 1994 [Mazda] RX-7 twin turbo, and it’s one of the cars from the first Fast and the Furious movie.”

Just don’t tell his fiancée that. To mark their engagement, she gave him a new Corvette Stingray.

5. He and his cousin are both in superhero franchises – and there’s just a little competition

Amell plays Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm in CW’s The Flash, while cousin Stephen Amell and his abs star in the same network’s Arrow.

“We always joke around in interviews, but my character could beat up his character,” he says. “He’d never admit it, but his character doesn’t have any superpowers. He just has a bow and arrow.”

Still, they’d like to work together soon. There was a crossover episode recently, but the cousins didn’t share any screen time. “I’m hoping they’ll figure something out to find a way to get the two of us on screen together,” Amell says.

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