April 27, 2017 07:15 PM

Although Rob Lowe relished the opportunity to research and play “the Yoda of gigolos” in his new film How to Be a Latin Lover, he didn’t take any of his work home with him.

“Listen, who does Luke Skywalker go to for the answers to the universe? You go to Yoda, he is the keeper of the secrets, he is the expert in stories,” Lowe tells PEOPLE of his reasoning behind the nickname he gave his character — a veteran gigolo who prays on wealthy older women. “He takes what he does so seriously, it is legitimately life and death for him.”

Lowe as Rick spends a lot of the film dressed in hilarious, form-fitting costumes that are part of various role-play scenarios, and while the actor isn’t into role-playing himself, he has some well thought-out theories on the pizza delivery boy and naughty schoolgirl fantasy tropes.

Here’s my thing though, having been an expert at role playing now, I think you need to limit it to characters of the Village People,” he jokes, citing the various role-playing costumes his character wears in the film — including a pizza delivery boy. “It’s like, you can only put so many presidents on Mount Rushmore and pizza delivery boy, eh, is that my thing per se? I’m happy to do it but I think pizza delivery boy is the female equivalent of guys liking naughty school girls.

He adds: “I know a lot of people love [role-playing] but it’s hard to do seriously. I’ve been with my wife 25 years, I would probably get two minutes into being, ‘Alright, pull over ma’am. I think you were speeding in a neutral zone!’ And we would just be laughing. How could you ever get through it?”

Meanwhile Lowe’s costar Rob Huebel and director Ken Marino think the Parks and Recreation star should consider becoming a real gigolo.

“He would make a lot of money as a gigolo, right?” notes Huebel. “I would pay for that.”

Marino agrees: “He would make an enormous amount of money, he’d be booked up for years. I’ll tell you something, I would sign up for a session with Rob Lowe. He’s a very handsome man.”

The funnymen joke that “there would be a line” for Lowe’s services.

“His Yelp reviews would be fantastic,” quips Huebel.

How to Be a Latin Lover, which also stars Eugenio Derbez, Salma Hayek, and Raquel Welch, hits theaters April 28.

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