Riz Ahmed plays a hardcore drummer opposite Olivia Cooke, who plays his girlfriend

In his latest movie, Golden Globe nominee Riz Ahmed, 37, plays a man living the life of a rockstar with his girlfriend when the unthinkable happens — he begins to lose his hearing.

The first trailer for Sound of Metal takes viewers into Ruben's life as he realizes he can't hear anything after playing a show with his girlfriend Lou, played by Olivia Cooke. When he notices that he can't even hear the shower running, he goes to see a specialist who confirms his fears.

"You hearing is deteriorating rapidly," the doctor says.

But Ruben isn't accepting his new reality just yet.

"It'll come back. Until then Lou, we just keep going, okay?" he tells his girlfriend, who quickly objects. "Lou, we'll play tomorrow, let's see what it's like."

Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal
Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal
| Credit: Amazon Prime Video

That runs counter to what the doctor stressed to him while trying to save the rest of his hearing.

"You have to understand, your first responsibility is to preserve the hearing you have," he says.

The rest of the trailer shows Ruben working to come to terms with his predicament. He joins a community for people who are hard of hearing and learns to speak sign language while accepting his new normal.

The movie first premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, with Amazon Studios buying its release rights.

The streamer plans to screen the movie in theaters starting November 20 before a digital release on Prime Video on December 4.