Riz Ahmed Says He Was Searched at Airports Even After 'Rogue One' : It's Almost 'Comical'

Riz Ahmed is opening up about his "bizarre" experiences while being searched at airports

Riz Ahmed is opening up about his “bizarre” experiences while being searched at airports.

The 35-year-old British actor spoke to Willie Geist in a PEOPLE exclusive clip of this week’s Sunday Today about being searched at airports due to the color of his skin.

Ahmed, who is also a rapper known as Riz MC, said he would be searched “every time” he flew into the United State from the United Kingdom.

“When I rapped about being searched at airports and being pulled aside before being allowed to board planes, that’s something that happened to me every time I flew to America until very recently,” Ahmed said.

Taking a slight pause, he continued, “It’s hard not to find it frustrating, but it would also take on some really bizarre twists, where it would almost become comical.”

The actor, who is of Pakistani descent, said even after appearing in Rogue One as Bodhi Rook he was still going through the same thing.

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“For example, I was getting on the plane to do the Star Wars press tour, I’d be stopped for a second time, patted down, searched,” he explained. “At this point, the guys searching me are, like, they’re fans of mine.”

“So, they’re quoting rap lyrics back at me about being searched at the airport while they’re searching me at the airport and then they’re asking me for selfies,” Ahmed said.

Geist, 43, said, “You gave them the selfies though.”

“I did give them the selfies but then something even weirder happened, which is I got on the plane and I sat down and I picked up the in-flight magazine and I was on the cover of it,” Ahmed said, grinning.

Ahmed stars in Venom which is in theaters now.

Sunday Today with Willie Geist airs Sunday, Oct. 7 at 8 am ET.

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