VIDEO: Tom Felton and Joseph Fiennes Go Head to Head in Exclusive Clip from Biblical Epic 'Risen'

The Biblical movie follows Fiennes' Clavius as he tries to disprove Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead


Tom Felton is a sucker for a good film adaptation of a popular book – he first took on Harry Potter and is now tackling the Bible.

In an exclusive clip from the upcoming film Risen, in which Joseph Fiennes plays a non-believer trying to find out what happened to Jesus Christ after the crucifixion, Felton’s Lucius corners Fiennes’ Clavius as Clavius leads a group of men in escaping the soldiers who are on their trail.

After Lucius asks for the whereabouts of “the Nazarene,” Clavius responds that he has “vanished,” implying that he has not yet been as successful as he would like in disproving the rumors of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

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In the film, Felton plays the aide of Fiennes’ character, who is a “powerful Roman military tribune” who is on the mission to find Jesus in order to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem.

The film, which also stars Peter Firth and Cliff Curtis, hits theaters on Feb. 19.

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