Richard Dreyfuss and His Son Had a Hilarious Family Therapy Session on Twitter

"I used the Poseidon money for your college," Richard Dreyfuss joked with his son on Twitter

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Richard Dreyfuss‘ movie paychecks went straight to his son, as Twitter learned through a hilarious and very candid exchange between the pair on Tuesday.

The actor’s 31-year-old son Ben replied to a tweet asking followers to name their favorite Steven Speilberg film, to which he pointed to an iconic movie in which his father played a key role.

Jaws because I didn’t get a scholarship to college and my dad had to pay for it,” Ben wrote.

Richard, 69, saw the wisecrack and responded with one of his own.

“I used the Poseidon money for your college,” he replied, referring to the 2006 disaster thriller about a group of people trying to escape a capsized ship.

“That wasn’t college,” Ben quipped. “That was rehab.”

Richard dropped the mic with this response: “I get them confused because neither took.”

His son admitted the response was “not nice!!!! But also not untrue.”

This isn’t the first time Richard and Ben, who starred in ABC’s 2016 miniseries Madoff and is a senior editor for Mother Jones, have had an epic back-and-forth on the social media site. The Close Encounters of the Third Kind star once asked his son for help gaining Twitter followers.

When Ben suggested sharing photos of old Hollywood, Richard replied, “I’m not going down to the garage to take photos of my better times to get followers on Twitter.”

Ben also once claimed he was his father’s favorite child, beating out older sister Emily and younger brother Harry.

“‘I often forget they even exist, Ben,’ my father may or may not have said in reference to my siblings,” the writer tweeted earlier this year. “‘They’re just pale imitations of you.”

Richard simply responded, “#FakeNews.”

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