Regina King Reveals The One Question She Hopes To 'Never' Be Asked Again on a Red Carpet

"It's really just a one word answer. 'It feels great!' " Regina King says of the question she's tired of being asked

Regina King is up for her very first Best Supporting Actress Oscar this season for her portrayal of Sharon Rivers, a mother trying to free her daughter’s boyfriend after he’s wrongfully imprisoned in If Beale Street Could Talk.

And while the star says she can’t wait to attend, there is one thing she hopes she doesn’t get asked on the red carpet—again.

“How does it feel to be here?” King, 48, says is the phrase she can do without in PEOPLE’s latest issue, on stands now. “It’s like, ‘How am I going to answer this in a way that doesn’t sound like I’ve been asked this question 952 time and I am excited about answering this question again?’ It’s really just a one word answer. ‘It feels great!’ ”

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King took part in PEOPLE’s 2019 Oscar Portfolio, which highlights seven women in Oscar nominated movies this year. And when editor-in-chief Jess Cagle asks King what her post-Oscars plans are, she says she’ll have to wait and see how the night goes.

“It depends on what happens at the Oscars…it could go one or two ways,” she says. “It could go with, I don’t wake up until the afternoon because I had one tequila three times, or I wake up even later than the afternoon because I had one tequila five times!”

The 91st Academy Awards take place on Feb. 24 and air live on ABC at 8 p.m.

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