Regina Hall Says She Feels Most Beautiful 'When I'm Really in Love'

"I think it just comes together. I don't know that it's something you seek," the actress and 2022 Oscars cohost, who tried out roller derby for The Beautiful Issue, tells PEOPLE of finding love

Regina Hall feels she connects with a person's soul rather than their physical appearance.

"My mom used to always say, 'You're only as pretty as you act,'" the 2022 Oscars cohost, who tried out roller derby with members of New York City's Gotham Roller Derby league for PEOPLE's The Beautiful Issue, says. "A beautiful world comes from a beautiful heart; that's probably the best way to be beautiful. I've dated some men that haven't all been traditionally handsome, but then you fall in love and you're like, 'They're such a good human being.' They actually get more beautiful."

Hall's mother Ruby died last year from heart complications.

"I had a really great relationship with my mom," Hall says. "She just was everything. She loved life, so I remember to do that now."

Regina Hall shot on April 15, 2022 in NYC
Sophy Holland

Hall says she feels most beautiful "when I'm really in love."

But you won't catch the single Nine Perfect Strangers star on any dating apps. "I think it just comes together. I don't know that it's something you seek," Hall says of finding love. "When I've been in relationships, I feel like I've met a guy out or maybe through a friend. I've never used technology, but I think it's so individual."

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Hall relies on her faith for guidance in relationships — and all aspects of life. "It makes me feel like there's a smarter guidance," she says. "Even if things feel incredibly uncomfortable, that life is where it is, and maybe now I can't see it, but maybe in time, I'll be like, 'Ah, I get it.' I know that because I have many ex-boyfriends. If I had my wishes, I'd be six divorces later."

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Faith played a part in Hall's Academy Awards hosting gig with Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes.

"Right before the stage went up, Amy was like, 'Can we start a prayer?' And so we held hands and Wanda said the prayer," Hall says. "It was great feeling really united, the three of us, as the show started and the stage opened. We kind of reveled in coming together—three people who are totally different and finding something that worked."

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The Washington, D.C. native says she and her cohosts haven't fully debriefed on how they felt the show went, but "we sent texts like, 'That was great,'" Hall says. "Obviously the night had a lot of different things that happened, but I think for us, we were just really happy that we just got to enjoy the process."

Hall's post-Oscars self-care consists of catching up on TV shows and documentaries, like ones about WeWork and Ronald and Nancy Reagan. "Because of the Oscars, I was watching all the [nominated] movies, so I didn't get to binge a lot of shows. Now, I'm on my show thing," she says. "Sleep and great television, they've brought me some joy during pandemic."

So have her Peloton bike and rower. "When I first started rowing, I was, 'This f---ing sucks,'" Hall admits. "Now still say that, but it's actually kind of fun."

The Ally McBeal vet hasn't actually enjoyed too much downtime since last month's awards ceremony, as she returned to work filming The Best Man: Final Chapters. Her costars from the franchise Hall first joined in 1999 have kept her humble.

"They're like, 'Calm down about your little Oscar run, get back over here and get to work,'" Hall says. "That was my first movie, so it's fun to be back with family."

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