Jason Merritt/Getty
March 23, 2015 09:55 AM

How do we get invited to Reese Witherspoon‘s next birthday?

The actress celebrated her 39th with an actual mariachi band, according to an Instagram she posted on Sunday. “Thank you everyone for all the kind & lovely birthday wishes,” she wrote, “(and yes, there is a mariachi band behind me ).”

The photo was taken right before Witherspoon blew out the candles on an enormous cake decorated with even bigger candles. Seriously, those things appear to be two feet high – hope you watched those bangs, birthday girl.

Witherspoon and her family flew to the Bahamas to celebrate the big day, and the actress was inundated with birthday wishes from fans and friends alike, if her Twitter is any indication. She thanked them all for her “happiest Sunday!!!!!!”

One of said well-wishers was Ellen DeGeneres, who wrote that she hoped Witherspoon would “celebrate with people you love, not alone in the desert with no water and a fox,” referring to Witherspoon’s Oscar-nominated role in Wild.

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