"Oh, now you're looking good, girl," joked Reese Witherspoon as she cleaned her Hollywood Walk of Fame star

By Lindsay Kimble
February 25, 2018 05:15 PM

Reese Witherspoon paid a visit to an old friend on Sunday — and helped her get a little spruced up.

The actress posted a series of hilarious videos to her Instagram Story, documenting her trip to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame to see her own star.

“I’m running a little bit lake for work today but it’s really important,” said Witherspoon in the first clip. “I heard my friend is really close by, so I want to go meet her really quick and I want you guys to meet her too.”

As the 41-year-old approached her star, she told her followers, “This is so exciting guys, here she is!”

Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

She quickly whipped out a tissue, giving her star a little buffing.

“Oh, now you’re looking good, girl,” she joked, adding, “And don’t you let people walk all over you!”

Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

The A Wrinkle in Time actress received the star back in 2010, bringing her daughter Ava Phillippe, now 18, and son Deacon Phillippe, now 14, along for the ceremony.

She also posted an Instagram photo of herself on the Walk of Fame, writing, “When you run into a friend on the street.”

This past week, Witherspoon appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, jokingly competing with the host and fellow guest Oprah Winfrey over their friendships. Though the trivia competition about Winfrey’s life was fierce, DeGeneres was ultimately the winner.