Reese Witherspoon wrote that she decided to open up because "it's important to remember that rejection or failure can really be a great help in our lives"

Reese Witherspoon just shared one of her lowest moments in the hopes of helping fans learn more about the lessons rejection can bring.

The actress and producer shared an Instagram photo with an inspirational quote about rejection being “simply redirection” on Tuesday and added her own personal experience.

Witherspoon, 43, wrote that she decided to open up because “it’s important to remember that rejection or failure can really be a great help in our lives.”

“When I first started as an actor, I went on an audition for a part that i wanted more than ANYTHING,” Witherspoon recalled in the lengthy caption. “This was an incredible movie with a huge male movie star as the lead. I had 3 callbacks, then a screen test and one day my agent called and said, ‘You didn’t get the part, the lead actor liked working with the other actress more.’ ”

“Oh boy, did I cry. Ugly tears. For 3 whole days. But I recovered. And I got a different job. It wasn’t the same and I never watched that movie (!) but I learned so much from that experience,” she continued.

“What I didn’t know then was : rejection teaches you perseverance and how to get tough. And you also learn … not every path is right for you,” Witherspoon continued. “My friend @kerrywashington always says ‘Rejection is God’s protection.’ You are on a path that is made for YOU. Sometimes the universe is protecting you from a bad job or a toxic relationship. So remember next time you fail at something or someone leaves you heartbroken…. let yourself be sad, grieve what didn’t happen for a minute but move ON.”

Witherspoon often posts inspirational quotes and lessons for her followers on social media, but that doesn’t mean she shies away from getting silly.

Last month, the actress explained in a post on Instagram that she has resorted to using Snapchat in order to communicate with her three children: daughter Ava, 19, and sons Deacon, 15, and Tennessee, 6.

What Witherspoon didn’t expect during their conversations was for one of her kids to share an important piece of information about school supplies with her — at the very last minute.

In the shot, which was taken on Snapchat and featured Witherspoon with a filter on that added a pair of glasses to her face and buns with starry bows in her hair, the mom of three stared into the camera with a shocked look on her face.

“Are you seriously telling me TODAY about all the school supplies you need tomorrow?” she wrote beneath the photo.

Witherspoon also added in the caption of the Instagram shot, “How to talk to your kids on snapchat… the filter adds a much more serious tone, don’t you think? 📚 #momlife #backtoschool.”