Reese Witherspoon Says Son Is a Better Driver Than Her: 'I Get Distracted by Cute Dogs'

"There's probably a lot of pictures in the world of me on the side of a road with a dog," Reese Witherspoon joked

Reese Witherspoon is coming clean about what really distracts her from the road while driving.

The Legally Blonde actress, 43, made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Thursday, and opened up about her experience teaching her son, Deacon, how to drive.

Witherspoon admitted that while she is a seasoned driver, her son is actually more focused on the road than she is due to some road-side dog distractions.

“You’re teaching him how to drive?” DeGeneres asked Witherspoon.

“Yes, he’s starting to drive, God help us all,” Witherspoon first joked. “But he’s a good driver, he’s actually a better driver than I am. I get distracted a lot because I see cute dogs and I’m like ‘Oh, I gotta pull over!’ and I literally will pull over the car and get out of the car — if it’s a bulldog,” she admitted, adding, “Only a bulldog. I’m very preferential of certain breeds.”

“If someone’s walking a dog, or just if it’s loose you mean?” the host followed.

“Oh no, if it’s being walked by somebody and it’s really cute,” the Morning Show actress shared.

“If it’s being walked you’ll just pull over and get out? Wow,” DeGeneres laughed.

“Oh yeah. You don’t do that?” Witherspoon asked, hoping the host was just as dog-obsessed.

“I’ll do it if they look lost, but I don’t pull over if someone’s walking a dog and stop them from their day,” joked DeGeneres, as the mother-of-three chimed, “No, I’ll do that.”

“I guess that’s really exciting for people that Reese Witherspoon all the sudden is coming out to see their dog,” added DeGeneres.

Witherspoon laughed, “There’s probably a lot of pictures in the world of me on the side of a road with a dog. I just have a weird thing about bulldogs.”

The Sweet Home Alabama star has two bulldogs of her own — French bulldog, Pepper, and her newest addition, English bulldog, Louis Armstrong.

“Oh my god, I mean what are we talking about, I can’t,” said Witherspoon, gushing over a photo of the family puppy on the talk show. “He’s so big now, I should’ve brought a more recent picture.”

“Now he’s 16 weeks and he’s eaten the majority of the cabinets in my kitchen, but it’s okay, I don’t care. I’ll get a new kitchen,” she joked.

The actress shared news of Lou’s adoption in June on Instagram, captioning a sweet photo of the pup, “Welcome to the family, Lou!” Witherspoon also added the hashtag “#lovemybulldog.”

Reese Witherspoon bulldog
Reese Witherspoon/Instagram

The same day, she shared more clips of Lou to her Instagram Story, showing the pup sitting in his bed and stretching his legs in the backyard.

As Lou attempted to run around the yard, often falling down over his little legs, Witherspoon played the tune “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys in the background. “Oh boy!” she captioned the footage.

The addition of Lou comes almost two months after the death of Witherspoon’s dog Nash in April.

“Rest In Peace, our Sweet dog, Nash,” she captioned an Instagram shot of Nash standing in a garden at the time. “Hope you are running through gorgeous fields of grass and eating all the treats you want in Dog Heaven.”

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