Reese and Sofia will give you major #relationshipgoals

By Andrea Park
Updated April 10, 2015 01:50 PM

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara decisively prove that buddy cop movies aren’t just for the boys.

In the recently released second trailer for Hot Pursuit, Witherspoon, 39, and Vergara, 42, get caught in shootouts (yes, there’s more than one), pose as lovers to dupe a clueless Jim Gaffigan, and show off their impressive deer impersonations.

The two make quite the pair: While Vergara’s Mrs. Riva is basically her Modern Family character – a sexy trophy wife – Witherspoon’s bumbling Officer Cooper channels her best “Baby”-era Justin Bieber, and models frumpy granny panties while attempting to protect her charge from gun-toting criminals.

The onscreen pair become close despite their major differences, and, judging by Vergara and Witherspoon’s PDA on the SAG Awards red carpet and on Instagram – where the Wild star called Vergara her “#workwife” – this was also the case in real life. Talk about #relationshipgoals!

Check out this ultimate power couple when Hot Pursuit hits theaters May 8.