Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington Both Auditioned for 'Clueless' and Didn't Get Parts

Both actresses currently star in Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere

Get ready to be totally buggin’ — Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington almost starred in Clueless!

While speaking to Buzzfeed about their latest TV show, Little Fires Everywhere, both Washington and Witherspoon revealed that they auditioned for the 1995 teen movie but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

“One thing that is public and it came out last year, I auditioned so hard for Clueless and I didn’t get it,” the Legally Blonde actress, 43, admitted.

“I did too!” Washington, 43, shared, surprising Witherspoon.

While Washington and Witherspoon were never cast in the film, both actresses brought up the idea of remaking the movie with the pair as the two lead roles.

“That would’ve been different… we should do like a remake,” the Scandal actress said.

Witherspoon agreed, adding, “We could recreate a scene, that would be so fun.”

In 2018, PEOPLE learned that a Clueless remake was already in the works.

At the time, a rep for Paramount Studios did not immediately respond to comment, but it was reported that the film was in early development at the studio.

CLUELESS, Stacey Dash, Alicia Silverstone, 1995, (c) Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Marquita Robinson, a writer on Netflix’s GLOW, was hired to write the script, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Clueless is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Emma, a novel about a young woman who plays matchmaker and tries to give her friend a makeover.

Alicia Silverstone famously portrayed the lead role of Cher, a Beverly Hills queen bee who attempts to navigate high school relationships by matchmaking to her friends and teachers.

The film also introduced audiences to Cher’s iconic catchphrase, “As if!” as well as other lines made famous in the film like, “Rolling with the homies,” as well as the expression “buggin’.”

Paul Rudd played Cher’s former stepbrother, with whom she falls in love, while Stacey Dash played her best friend, Dionne. Brittany Murphy portrayed the new girl in school who receives the makeover from Cher.

The first three episodes of Witherspoon and Washington’s Little Fires Everywhere are available now on Hulu, after launching early to entertain people who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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