Rebel Wilson Says She 'Dated a Lot' Before Finding Boyfriend Jacob Busch: 'I Gave It My All'

Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch went public with their love in September

Before the year of health came the year of love for Rebel Wilson — and she really committed.

The actress, who recently partnered with Uber Eats, Chipotle and Hinge, tells PEOPLE she spent all of last year going out on as many dates as possible.

"Last year was the year of love, that's why maybe I'm still so obsessed with dating and stuff because I deliberately went out and I dated a lot of different people," Wilson, 40, said. "And I wasn't very experienced in love and relationships, my movie Isn’t It Romantic was pretty similar to my real life in that respect. And so I went out and just gave it my all, tried really hard to find love and stuff."

The search eventually ended in her falling for boyfriend Jacob Busch. The two went public with their relationship in September and have since kept fans updated on their sweet love with social media posts of their quality time together.

rebel wilson
Jacob Busch and Rebel Wilson. rebel wilson/instagram
Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch
Rebel Wilson and Jacob Busch. Rebel Wilson/Instagram

Though the COVID-19 health crisis has kept Wilson and Busch home for the most part, the actress and her beau still find ways to have date night.

"Well, right now because it's gotten so cozy, I'll put on the fire, and we just eat at my house," she said. "I'm just all cozied up. We normally order in something, and then just cozy up, because it's just that time of year."

The Pitch Perfect actress has also had time to focus on herself as she continues her year of health, during which she's already dropped 40 lbs.

“I really took it as time to get really well-rested and de-stress,” she says of the pandemic. “Because most of my stress is work-related.”

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The time off gave Wilson a chance to work with her mindset about food and change “bad habits to healthier ones.”

“I definitely think with the slow down, it did help,” she says. "I think I was emotional eating, and overeating at times, because I wasn't loving myself enough either. And it does come down to that self worth and self love."

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