"We'll film that next year," Rebel Wilson says on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday

Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

Fat Amy would never ditch the Barden Bellas!

Rebel Wilson confirmed her participation in the third Pitch Perfect installment during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday.

“This pitch will be back!” Wilson told Ellen DeGeneres as the crowd cheered. “We’ll film that next year.”

News broke over the summer that Pitch Perfect 3 would be a reality, and Wilson and Anna Kendrick were expected to return. Just last week, Elizabeth Banks confirmed she signed on to direct the film after making her debut behind the lens in Pitch Perfect 2.

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The How to Be Single star also told DeGeneres about her exciting summer abroad, which included trips to Dubai and Ibiza.

In Ibiza, the Aussie star said she tried flyboarding, which, “apparently you can die” from.

“That’s why I was wearing a helmet,” she revealed. “You’re jet propelled into the air by water jets.”

Wilson said she didn’t even have to sign waivers – “It was Spain and they’re like whatever!” – and the outing earned her a nickname she hasn’t quite embraced.

“I didn’t actually know I was being photographed at the time because I thought, ‘I’m in a strange country on holidays,’ and then now I’ve got the new nickname: ‘White Legs Wilson,’ ” she said. “I don’t like that nickname.”

On the Ellen show, she also participated in a miniature obstacle course, A.K.A. the High Heel Challenge, to raise money for the School of St. Jude in Tanzania.

“There’s a lot of things I’m not good at: running, making healthy choices at restaurants,” Wilson revealed before teetering across the finish line, “but the worst thing is wearing high heels. I cannot do it.”

Despite her aversion to the sky-high footwear, Wilson still leaves a fashionable footprint – her plus-size line for Torrid is in stores now.