The Ready Player One stars reveal the weeks of rehearsal it took to master the film's nod to Saturday Night Fever

By Kara Warner
April 04, 2018 03:28 PM

Minor spoilers below, if you haven’t yet seen Ready Player One proceed with caution!

Tye Sheridan (Mud, X-Men: Apocalypse) and Olivia Cooke (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl) had to pick up a number of new skills before embarking on Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi adventure Ready Player One — and the one one they spent the most time on might surprise you!

“Olivia and I had three weeks of rehearsing this dance where we make a nod to Saturday Night Fever and the famous dance from the movie,” Sheridan, 21, tells PEOPLE. “That was something we got to learn together and spent hours and hours learning that dance, it was super fun.”

In the scene, Sheridan and Cooke’s CGI avatar characters, performed by the two actors via motion capture, meet-up at a virtual dance club and perform a version of John Travolta’s disco moves from the film, set to the Bee Gees’ mega-hit “Stayin’ Alive.”

Cooke, 24, says she was happy they had time to rehearse and get used to the motion capture suits they were required to wear for most of filming.

“Doing motion capture, you kind of have to leave your inhibitions at the door so it was good to practice with Tye and get to know each other quite well as well, that gave us a lot of confidence going into motion capture.”

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One minor point of contention: strapping on the tight-fitting harnesses required for wire work.

“I loved the wire work. Tye hated the wire work,” Cook says, causing Sheridan to laugh. “I luckily have the apparatus to withstand some nice harnesses, I thought that was really cool. The acrobatics of stunt training, I had done when I was a kid with ballet and gymnastics, dance but not in adult life so it felt like bit of a playground.”

The Austin-born Sheridan and U.K. native Cooke agree that their favorite day on set was when they were directed by Spielberg for the first time.

“I almost had a panic attack in the toilet, it was truly just a pinch-me experience,” says Cooke. “I didn’t come down from that moment for a good couple of days. It was magical and purely terrifying.”

So do they still remember the routine?

“Oh we should try it, maybe?” says Cooke. “I’ve got video of it somewhere.”

“If we find the video, we could definitely do it,” adds Sheridan.

Ready Player One is now in theaters.