See the Stunning Photos from Marilyn Monroe's Last Shoot before They're Auctioned

Hundreds of photos from Marilyn Monroe's last photoshoot with George Barris went up for auction in 2017 — here are some of the best.

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Her Last Shot

Marilyn Monroe in 1962 in her iconic brown and white fisherman's sweater on the beach in California.
George Barris

When celebrity photographer George Barris went to L.A. to photograph Marilyn Monroe in June 1962, he didn't know that it would be the last time he would see his friend and longtime collaborator —no one did.

In 2017, 55 years after Monroe's death on Aug. 5, 1962, Barris' intimate set of photos, many of which have never been seen before, went up for sale via the now-defunct online auction house Paddle8. Barris passed away in 2016 at the age of 94.

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Rewriting Her Story

Marilyn Monroe in 1962.
George Barris

Over the course of six weeks, Monroe worked with Barris to take photos for a new book in which she hoped to rewrite her story. She desperately wanted to reclaim what she saw as the inaccurate narrative of a troubled, erratic star that led to her firing from the film Something's Got to Give shortly before the photo shoots.

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Birthday Girl

Marilyn Monroe in 1962.
George Barris

Barris arrived in L.A just in time for Monroe's 36th birthday on June 1.

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Impossible to Forget

Marilyn Monroe in the summer of 1962 lies on the sand in a bikini.
George Barris

Barris' photo shoot took place over the course of a few sessions during June and July. In August of that year, Monroe suffered a lethal drug overdose.

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Home Away from Home

Marilyn Monroe on the telephone at a friend's house in 1962.
George Barris

At the time of the shoot, Monroe had just moved into her first home in L.A. but the furniture had not yet arrived. Barris arranged for the interior shots like this one, to be taken in the house of a real estate mogul named Tim Leimert.

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Ready for Her Close-Up

Marilyn Monroe checking her hair in a handheld mirror.
George Barris

Monroe's close relationship with Barris led to intimate shots, like this one of the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes star adjusting her makeup in the mirror.

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Always Ready

Marilyn Monroe looking at herself in the mirror.
George Barris

And this one.

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Beach Babe

Marilyn Monroe in the summer of 1962 on a beach in Southern California.
George Barris

The last location of the shoot was the beach session, which produced incredible color photos in addition to the black and white portraits.

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Marilyn and Her Team

Marilyn Monroe with Agnes Flanagan (left) and Whitey Snyder (right).
George Barris

For what was suppposed to be her comeback shoot, Monroe brought in her most trusted stylists, Agnes Flanagan (left) and Whitey Snyder (right).

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No Expense Spared

Marilyn Monroe driving a convertible.
George Barris

All of the clothes for the shoot were purchased by Barris from Monroe's favorite stores, like Jack's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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Timeless Beauty

Marilyn Monroe on the beach.
George Barris

Although Monroe was only 36, she was considered old for actresses of the day and was beginning to become eclipsed by younger stars.

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Well-Documented Woman

Marilyn Monroe laying on her couch in 1962.
George Barris

Barris had previously released some of the photographs to be used in Gloria Steinem's biography of Monroe, but sold the rest to a collector in the '80s.

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Back in Action

Marilyn Monroe smiling as she sits in her home in 1962.
George Barris

The photos, other art and memorabilia are available on Paddle8.

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From Every Angle

George Barris

George Barris' signature sits at the bottom of each photo of the collection.

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Having a Blast

A black and white photo of Marilyn Monroe laughing.
George Barris

Monroe and Barris' close working relationship led to incredible shots like this one.

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The Beauty of a Generation

Marilyn Monroe with a sultry look on her face.
George Barris

Monroe's status as a style icon would only elevate after her death.

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Lounging Around

Marilyn Monroe poses for a photograph.
George Barris

The photographs captured a version of Monroe that seemed totally at ease with her surroundings.

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Making Waves

Marilyn Monroe wearing a bikini holds up her arms as she stands on a beach with waves behind her.
George Barris

The playful side of Monroe wasn't lost in her final shoot.

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Star Power

Marilyn Monroe in 1962.
George Barris

Whether in black or white or full color, Monroe's beauty was radiant.

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Letting Her Guard Down

A happy-looking Marilyn Monroe holds up her arms while standing in her house in 1962.
George Barris

With her most trusted collaborators around her, Monroe appeared unguarded in her final shoot.

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