The star, who plays a journalist in State of Play, says she's "ignorant" about the cyber world

By Liz Berman
Updated March 30, 2009 02:35 PM
Credit: Jason Gemnich/WireImage

Rachel McAdams is pretty savvy when it comes to the press, but when she hung out with a bunch of journalists to research her latest role as a reporter in State of Play, the actress had to watch what she said.

“They were tricky,” she said at a press day for the movie, talking about her time spent shadowing journalists at the Washington Post. “They would turn the questions around and I would have to keep saying, No, this isn’t about me, this is about you!”

Prepping for the role, she and her co-stars got to see how the newspaper really works. “They took us all over and I met people who worked online,” she said. “I met young people and the people who have been doing it forever. There is a difference, there’s a real shift. It’s interesting.”

The shift to digital isn’t something McAdams has taken to quickly. Unlike tech-savvy celebs such as John Mayer and Ashton Kutcher, who use Twitter to communicate with fans, McAdams admits she’s more old fashioned. “I listen to the news on the radio. I don’t have a television and I am really bad at e-mail,” she laughs. “[It was] only [recently] that I heard about Twitter for the first time, and it’s all I’ve heard about since. I’m really ignorant.”

She may not “tweet,” but McAdams can write. She, along with two friends (one who is good with computers) writes a blog called about the environment. “We have a tip that changes every day and we spotlight people and places, so that’s sort of where I get some practice.”

Along with State of Play, McAdams also has The Time Traveler’s Wife and Sherlock Holmes coming out this year, so it’s understandable that she doesn’t have much time to return emails. But when asked if she could do anything besides acting, The Notebook star said, “Anything to do with food!”
Reporting by Scott Huver