I'm Your Woman streams on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 11.
rachel brosnahan
Rachel Brosnahan stars in I'm Your Woman
| Credit: amazon prime

Rachel Brosnahan is taking a detour from Mrs. Maisel.

The actress stars in the new trailer for the upcoming crime thriller I'm Your Woman, playing Jean, a suburban housewife whose only concern is taking care of her husband Eddie (Bill Heck) and their baby son.

But when Eddie, a thief, betrays his partners and goes missing, Jean is forced to go on the run with her son as Eddie's enemies close in.

With the help of her new handler, Cal (Arinzé Kene), and his wife, Teri (Marsha Stephanie Blake), Jean must learn to navigate the world on her own for the first time while also attempting to keep herself and her son out of the criminal underworld.

"Anyone can learn to shoot, but what you really need to figure out is what you’ll do when it’s real," Frankie Faison's Art teaches Jean while at a gun range in the woods.

Turning to Teri, Jean asks, "Why did Art show me how to use a gun?"

"I just thought you should be prepared for what comes next," Teri says. 

Worried, Jean asks, "What comes next?"

Inevitably, Jean and Teri set out on a dangerous journey into Eddie's criminal world. Lamenting the path she's now walking on, Jean says, "This is no place for a child," while watching her son.

The movie also stars James McMenamin and Marceline Hugot. I'm Your Woman streams on Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 11.