All Nippon Airways will be adding to its fleet an aircraft designed to look like the famous Star Wars droid


The sky’s the limit for Star Wars fans out there.

All Nippon Airways unveiled an R2-D2-decorated aircraft Thursday to celebrate the impending arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December.

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is designed to look like the iconic droid, complete with a blue-and-white graphic design scheme to honor both the famed character and ANA’s official colors.

“In the long adventurous journey, R2-D2 reached a unique personality. Highly loyal and whenever he faces [a] challenge, he comes up with an original idea to succeed the mission,” the Japanese airline posted on its website.

The special painted aircraft – which also debuted at Thursday’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California – is part of what the airline calls a “five-year ANA Star Wars Project,” according to the official Facebook page.

The company has not yet released full details, but confirmed that the plane will service an international route ahead of the movie’s release. ANA also shared a YouTube video showcasing the plane’s design.

Star Wars devotees got another big surprise Thursday. A new trailer for the seventh installment in the galaxy saga was unveiled online and at the Star Wars Celebration. Convention goers were also treated to a star-studded panel featuring director J.J. Abrams, alongside returning and new cast members.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which stars Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and more, hits theaters Dec. 18, 2015.

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