Quentin Tarantino's Becoming a Dad! All About His Past Romances from Mira Sorvino to Margaret Cho

Here's a look back at all of Quentin Tarantino's past romances as he prepares for fatherhood

Quentin Tarantino is entering the next stage of his life: fatherhood.

The acclaimed director, 56, is expecting his first child with wife Daniella, PEOPLE confirmed on Thursday.

“Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are very delighted to announce that they are expecting a baby,” the couple said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

The writer-director met Daniella, who is the daughter of Israeli singer and songwriter Tzvika Pick, in 2009 while promoting his film Inglorious Basterds. The pair got engaged in June 2017, after dating for about a year. Tarantino and Daniella tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles on November 2018.

While Tarantino is busy preparing for their child — and promoting his new movie Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood — here’s a look back at the filmmaker’s previous romances.

Daniella Tarantino and Quentin Tarantino
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Margaret Cho

Tarantino previously dated comedian Margaret Cho shortly after the release of his 1992 film Reservoir Dogs. Cho, 50, spoke about their relationship in an interview with the Hudson Union Society in 2014. The two met while at the Snake Pit, a bar in Los Angeles.

“I knew who he was because Reservoir Dogs had just come out and he approached me because he was a fan and we just clicked. He had 8,000 VHS tapes, so that was reason enough for me to hang out with him,” Cho said, laughing.

She continued, “[The relationship] was a great thing for us because we had very similar views of film. He really opened up my world cinematically. I think he’s an incredible artist, I think he is one of the greatest American treasures, and certainly somebody that really engages in life.”

Margaret Cho and Quentin Tarantino
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“I’m really proud of him. I love that his movies are really inspiring and so significant,” she added. “The last time I saw him was when he was scouting locations for Django. I’m really lucky to know him and I’m really lucky to have had him in my life.”

Tarantino also had a guest role on Cho’s 90s sitcom All-American Girl.

Kathy Griffin

Tarantino also briefly dated another comedian, Kathy Griffin, who opened up about their relationship in an interview on the BUILD Series in July 2019 after she revealed she was in Pulp Fiction.

I was dating Quentin Tarantino. It was amazing to be on that set. I literally had three lines,” she said.

Kathy Griffin and Quentin Tarantino
Kathy Griffin and Quentin Tarantino. Kevin Mazur/WireImage

When asked if they continued to keep in touch, Griffin, 58, said, “Yes.”

“I haven’t talked to him lately, I don’t have his number, but I have an affection for him. He’s a true artist,” she said. “What I appreciate about Quentin is he’s a rare, rare dude who took a chance on me. He put me in an episode of ER that he directed. He put me in Four Rooms.”

Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola dated Tarantino after her divorce from another acclaimed director, Spike Jonze, in 2003. Coppola eventually married musician Thomas Mars, she and Tarantino continue to be friends.

Tarantino served as the jury president of the Venice Film Festival in 2010 where he presented Coppola with the Golden Lion award for her film Somewhere.

At the time, Tarantino was criticized for having a bias toward Coppola, although he refuted such rumors.

“Being her friend didn’t affect me or make me sway the jury in any way,” he told reporters in early 2011.

Sofia Coppola and Quentin Tarantino
Sofia Coppola and Quentin Tarantino. Evan Agostini/Getty

“The other members of the jury don’t know her at all,” he continued. “They just loved the film.”

Mira Sorvino

Tarantino also dated actress Mira Sorvino from 1995 to 1998. The filmmaker was Sorvino’s date to the 1996 Academy Awards, where she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite.

In 1997, Sorvino admitted she and Tarantino made for an odd couple.

“Yeah, but how many couples do you know where the two people are exactly alike?” Sorvino said. “Yes, I’m quieter than Quentin. But there aren’t too many people who are louder than Quentin.”

The two also celebrated their final Valentine’s Day together at the Manhattan restaurant Two Two Two in 1998 where they were seen “kissing, hugging and romancing.”

Mira Sorvino and Quentin Tarantino
Mira Sorvino and Quentin Tarantino. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

“It seemed like they were very much in love,” a source told PEOPLE at the time.

By March, however, the two had split, with the actress telling PEOPLE in a statement, the two “still love each other very much” but had reached a “mutual” decision to go their separate ways.

“At this point in our lives, we should not be together,” she said.

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